Michele Hoskins joins sixteen other nonprofit rising stars as a newly approved Fellow in SVPSA Program.

Billy Cox, MLPSA Class XVI Graduate, is Chairman of the Board for SVPSA and a Lead Partner serving Youth Code Jam. From the inception of SVPSA, Billy was on the board, setting up the website, emails and anything having to do with technology. According to SVPSA’s Executive Director, Becky Dinnin, Billy is a “huge asset to SVPSA and the nonprofits we support because he is able to apply decades of technology experience to our efforts. This was never more important than these last 18 months, when everything seemed to require a reset in IT.”

This new partnership enables MLPSA to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other organizations to take its vital work to the next level of community enhancement.

Non-Profit Organization Featured: Inspired, focused, and engaged with those who share their passion for positive impact, SVPSA provides a dynamic network, connecting business executives, volunteers, community leaders, and philanthropists. They recognize building the brightest future for everyone in San Antonio requires working together.