Forward Together


Welcome to MLP 2023-24.  I am so excited about the opportunities that MLP has to continue serving the San Antonio community.  2022-23 was another transformative year for MLP. I was proud to see how quickly the MLP Board and the committees adapted to each new challenge and collaborated with one another to make the most of every opportunity. Working together we made good progress toward our strategic goals, strengthened the organization,  grew our donors and agency partner base, and welcomed 51 graduates to MLPAA.  Welcoming new agencies, donors, members of MLPAA, and rolling out important initiatives that guarantees MLP’s continued success in the future.

This year as we celebrate the efforts and contributions of MLP’s 910+ graduates, I realize the work we do is more important now than ever before.  2023-24 is set to be another exciting year for MLP.  I look forward to working with the MLP Board, all of our partners, and class day host to achieve MLP’s mission to prepare proven leaders for board service. 

I want to thank you for your continued commitment and support. Every one of us has an important role to play in the work ahead and I’m confident that together we will achieve even greater things for the San Antonio community!

In service,

Michele Hoskins

Executive Director

MLP Staff

The dynamic MLP staff supports program class members, MLP board of directors, and over 900 graduates. Our staff helps equip community leaders with the information and skills necessary to serve our beloved greater San Antonio community by working with donors and sponsors, as well as over 235 local nonprofit and civic partners.

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MLP Board

Our board members are experienced professionals specially selected for their areas of expertise, their passion for improving our community, and their invaluable contributions to San Antonio and surrounding areas. They collectively oversee and maintain an operating budget of $275,000 derived from corporate sponsorships, foundation grants, tuition payments by participants, and other philanthropic donations from generous individuals.

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MLP Emeritus Council

Conferring the honor of “emeritus board member” is not done casually at MLP. MLP would not be what it is today without the historical influence of these individuals. Their impact in previous years as MLP graduates and board members have contributed to the culture and legacy that is MLP.

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