Our initial seven-month, 12 full-day curriculum will provide provocative thought leadership initiatives, innovative and meaningful decision-making processes that can impact multiple and future generations. It is just the beginning of lifelong learning opportunities. The access to incredible organizations, resources, and subject-matter experts is unmatched. Proper preparation of board candidates involves a strong foundation of knowledge and confidence. MLP is the gateway to interaction with servant leaders.

The Board of Directors of MLP is made up of dedicated leaders in our community who personally secure expert speakers and gain access to unique venues for our classes. Expect to meet and interact with the people who make our city work. The knowledge and the confidence that results from your experience in this program is a lifetime strength.

Topics and objectives covered throughout the series include, but are not limited to:

Board Skills Day

Learn the essential skills needed to serve as effective board members with the nonprofit or civic commissions best suited to your passions, skills, and strengths. Hear from CEOs and board leaders, who are also program alumni, and learn first-hand the important skills and knowledge needed before joining a board. Our objective is to match our distinguished graduates with complementary organizations, so they can reach their full potential and become pivotal servant-leaders.

Education and Arts Day

Discover the challenges, trends, opportunities, and solutions on the complexities of educating San Antonio’s students from Pre-K through higher education.

Community and Economic Development Day

Gain an insight on how to build a vibrant economy and the impact that has on the community–what components do you need to have for entrepreneurs to grow their companies locally. What attracts businesses, both large and small, to San Antonio? Why/how do they stay and prosper? Speak with local entrepreneurs and business leaders to see what the future holds for San Antonio’s economic growth.

Biomedical & Healthcare Day

Go behind the scenes of major healthcare systems and facilities to hear from CEOs and medical professionals on the complexity and range of the healthcare and bioscience sectors in Greater San Antonio by focusing on:

  1. “Population Health” in Community Settings (Ambulatory Care)
  2. Transdisciplinary Research
  3. Major Institutional Healthcare

Pathway to Performance

The “Pathway to Performance” segment will expand on topics covered during MLP 101 and Board Skills Training. Speakers are subject experts which include nonprofit executives, senior board leadership, and professionals/practitioners. The end result will produce confident, knowledgeable MLP graduates with the ability to perform, produce, and serve our community.

Energy and Environment Day

Hear from key subject matter experts on the challenges facing our community regarding critical air quality, energy and water environmental issues. Tour municipal facilities and environmental organizations to see successful projects focused on sustainable development, and hear multiple opinions relating to the importance of maintaining and securing a balanced environment. The arts and culture community in San Antonio is a vibrant, economic force represented by a broad range of institutions that reflect the diversity and creative vitality of our city. Visual and performing arts are integral to our way of life and are an important legacy for future generations. See how various cultural organizations are embarking on new initiatives to sustain and grow their community. How do nonprofit organizations communicate in a world of media disruption? Spend this class day exploring and seek answers for these issues.

Technology Day

Learn about the pervasive interaction of technological innovation and education on our community’s economy, entrepreneurial activities, and worldwide competitive advantage. Interact with key innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators who have significant influence on technology business development.

Military Impact Day

Receive briefs from executive and upper-level military administrators, to better understand the impact of current, future and transitioning roles of some of San Antonio’s key military components and installations. Tour facilities throughout Joint Bases of San Antonio and gain a deeper understanding of the overall military economic impact on our city and the surrounding area; and observe firsthand what is being done for our nation’s wounded warriors.

History, Government & Emergency Systems Day

Hear from government affiliates about today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities to have a better understanding of how history plays an important role in San Antonio’s past and present government. Visit and tour the Police Academy to gain a greater appreciation for the work of our law enforcement officers. Hear from pillars of our justice and emergency systems to learn how they work in harmony to maintain a safe environment for everyone and become more knowledgeable about volunteer opportunities for involvement.

Human Services Day

Explore and tour organizations dedicated to understanding the impact of abuse, homelessness, mental health, drug addiction, hunger, and special needs in our community and learn about the major efforts to address these issues. Hear stories and have an opportunity to understand the numerous challenges faced by individuals within our community.

Engagement Day

This class day is the capstone of the program. MLP introduces a diverse group of approximately 50 agencies in a “Speed Dating” format so classmates can learn about those unique missions and board service opportunities. The goal of this day is to pique interests, open doors to explore possibilities, discuss skills, talents, and interests before making actual matches. Learn about the MLP Alumni Association (MLPAA) and hear their personal high point of the year. This is also an opportunity to candidly discuss, with board hosts of each class day, what worked and what could use improvement for next year’s curriculum.

Throughout the entire program, candidates are exposed to a variety of nonprofit agencies and will see a broad category of needs and initiates.

Please view the Class Schedule to get a perspective of the complete curriculum.