Our Mission
Continue learning together to serve our nonprofit community

Alumni Program


The MLPAA serves to leverage their resources to positively impact the nonprofit community. We do this through raising awareness of community issues and encouraging additional service in the community.

MLPAA is governed by an all volunteer board of directors made up of graduates of MLP.



The MLPAA offers opportunities to continue learning about the needs in Bexar County, while extending networking opportunities and deepening involvement within community service. It’s the place to keep up with classmates and foster continued engagement through a series of speaker engagements and social events.

Membership Details

Who Can Join


1) Graduates

Graduates of the MLP are the primary demographic that make up our Alumni Association.

2) Students

Current students are eligible for membership in the Alumni Association after graduation.

3) Other

Non-graduates of MLP who serve on the MLP Board of Directors or are Emeritus members.

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