Greater San Antonio continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in the country and we’d all like to think that is a net-positive for everyone. However, all with that growth comes an even faster growing demand for the kinds of services that only well-run nonprofits can provide.

Critical services, provided by nonprofit organizations, are often the only “safety net” or option available for a growing number of people in our developing region. While local business leaders and philanthropists continue their impressive records of giving and supporting hometown charities, more support is needed to enhance the quality of nonprofit boards so the agencies they govern can become more effective. That’s where the Masters Leadership Program needs your help.

We know there is a finite limit to the amount of charity dollars available in the community. As a result, many companies have narrowed the focus of their philanthropy to only agencies involved with a specific cause, i.e., education, family strengthening, health, cultural.  While that has been good for the balance sheets of some nonprofit agencies, it does nothing to strengthen the nonprofit boards that run those charities. On the other hand, using some of your philanthropic or marketing dollars to become a Community Investment Partner or Class Day Sponsor for MLP will help give hundreds of nonprofit agencies access to skilled, passionate and knowledgeable board members. Better boards deliver more and better services, regardless of the type of nonprofit agency. Consider becoming an MLP Community Investment Partner or an MLP Class Day Sponsor today.


For the past 18 years, the Masters Leadership Program (MLP) has been providing local nonprofit agencies and civic commissions with proven and prepared candidates for their boards. MLP leads a very targeted effort to increase strong leadership in our nonprofit organizations. We select established senior leaders from our impressive pool of applicants who want to give back to the community. Our initial program prepares them for board service with a 12-day intensive curriculum that connects them to local agencies who wish to expand their board candidate reach.


Each year, 52 new members go through our curriculum; the $1,500 tuition, while significant, only covers about a quarter of our cost to run the program. We rely on Community Investment Partners and Class Day Sponsors to support the balance of our operations. Current sponsors have unanimously expressed their desire to fulfill this crucial need to continually invest in good leadership that will proactively grow and nurture our city.

The generous support from our community makes the success of the Masters Leadership Program possible. Only with the active encouragement and financial backing of our Community Sponsors is MLP able to provide educated, informed, and skilled board leadership to nonprofit agencies and civic commissions.