Our objective is to match our distinguished graduates with complementary organizations, so they can reach their full potential and become pivotal servant-leaders. We prepare graduates to serve the need for strong, competent boards by providing organizations with a pool of candidates who may not be currently in their sights.

Our efforts are two-fold:
Masters Leadership Program integrates a 20-minute “Pathway to Performance” segment addressing a specific issue of board service into each of our ten “bus” class days. Our goal is to gradually introduce the topics in order for students to acquire background knowledge prior to our comprehensive Board Skills Day. Two of the “Pathways to Performance” segments specifically address the board member’s role in development and sustainability. Speakers are subject experts to include nonprofit executives, senior board leadership, and professionals/practitioners in the topic to be addressed. Content will relate to the day as appropriate and possible. The end result will produce confident, knowledgeable MLP graduates with the ability to perform, produce, and serve our community.

Board Preparation culminates in a day-long “Board Skills” class led by acknowledged and experienced experts. Many MLP graduates credit this class, and the experience and knowledge gained in it, as their source of confidence in their respective board roles. Additionally, our Agency Partners fully appreciate and support this class for delivering prepared graduates for their consideration as board members.

Topics included in this class are:

  • Pathways to Performance - 20-minute board skills segments introduced on each class day
  • Best Practices – understanding the relationship between nonprofit boards and staff members
  • Understanding Agency Financial and Metric Reporting
  • Fiduciary and Legal Responsibilities
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Defining Effective Board Leadership
  • Succession Planning for Board and Executive Staff
  • Crisis Management and Communication

Everyone can benefit from strong guidance and instruction on the topic of “Effective Nonprofit Board Leadership,” regardless of whether you’ve had nonprofit or for-profit board experience. We devote a full day to this topic to ensure you are fully equipped and confident in understanding your role as a potential board member.