Masters Leadership Program
of Greater San Antonio

About Us

The Masters Leadership Program (MLP) provides proven leaders with opportunities to learn about the needs of our community and serve as effective board members for local nonprofits and civic commissions.

The volunteers share their career knowledge and experience with the organizations and are well prepared to impart an informed, up-to-date perspective on the issues affecting the people of Greater San Antonio area.

About Us

Giving Back To The Community...

In an ever changing city - with ever changing issues, opportunities and challenges - MLP stands out in its mission to educate, inform and introduce new leadership to local boards, advisory committees and task forces of nonprofit, and civic organizations across the community.

Already accomplished leaders in their chosen fields, MLP graduates now total over 525 of the city's brightest and best, who are working to improve Greater San Antonio by consistently volunteering over 4,000 hours of leadership services each month. A volunteer's hour is worth approximately $23.40*, multiply that by 49,795 hours a year and you get over $1.165 million worth of services given back to the community from MLP. 

Currently providing program training for its 12th class, MLP graduates hold 328 leadership positions assisting 260 nonprofits, public agencies and organizations.

*Per Independent Sector: Value of Volunteer Time (TX) = $23.40 / per hour.

What is MLP?

Masters Leadership Program is the city’s only curriculum that trains individuals who are mature in their careers to become well-informed and effective board members to serve nonprofit organizations.

What is MLPAA?

Masters Leadership Program Alumni Association (MLPAA) provides MLP graduates the unique opportunity to continue learning about issues and needs in our community and support active volunteerism that impacts the community.

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