Established in 2004, Masters Leadership Program (MLP) has a rich and proud history of preparing and connecting proven leaders to serve on Boards and committees of nonprofit agencies and civic commissions. MLP graduates are driven by a desire to improve our community, which includes societal inequities and systemic injustice. The cascading impact MLP has had on the community is remarkable, having prepared over 900 individuals to serve on thosands of nonprofit agency boards, impacting 33% of the more than 10,248 nonprofit agencies in San Antonio.



Jane and Bob Phipps were selling their fresh fruit and vegetable processing company, Fresh from Texas, which would allow Jane to explore new opportunities.


Jane Phipps was leading the establishment of the Masters Leadership Program (MLP) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit under the fiscal umbrella of United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County. She was appointed Executive Director, with the late General Bob Herres, CEO of USAA, serving as the founding Board Chair.

2004 to 2005

1st MLP academic class was forming and being implemented with 37 participants.

Graduates from this first class were starting the MLP Alumni Association (MLPAA).

2005 to 2012

Under Jane's visionary leadership, MLP was growing into a financially stable and impactful entity with a reputation for excellent programs driven by a Board of Directors of "shakers and movers" in the community. She and her small, dedicated staff was providing the foundation for what MLP is today. Jane always believed that a "strong Board of Directors leading high-quality class days would attract the type of students to sustain MLP and its mission far into the future".


Jane Phipps retired.

Kathy MacNaughton was appointed as the new Executive Director.

2014 to 2019

Enhancements to MLP Programming:

  • Class days added that were focusing on building board skills
  • Agency Partner program launched and re-imagining of more efficient "Agency Speed Dating" experience
  • New website developed
  • New branding and logo introduced
  • Graduate portal created, simplifying community service tracking and reporting

Strengthened student application and selection process with face-to-face conversations and revised candidate evaluation systems, emphasizing board service expectations.

Financial position for the organization further solidified.


MLP was pivoting to digital engagement in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

MLP was reinforcing its commitment for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in all its policies, programming and practices.


Kathy MacNaughton retired.

Michele Hoskins is appointed the new Executive Director.

Number of MLP graduates serving on boards, committees, and commissions reached 800.