Ever Met a CEO of 7 Non-Profits?

Only a small percentage of us are fortunate enough to be able to say we have been the CEO of a single organization in our working lifetime. Have you ever met anyone who has been the CEO of seven companies? You have now!

Tim Plant, a graduate of the Masters Leadership Program (MLP) Class XVI, holds the local San Antonio record for the number of CEO positions held….and No, it’s not because he never found one he liked. Tim’s most recent position was that of “Interim Non-Profit CEO”. When a company lost its CEO, guess who was ready to step in to fill the void. Yep. Tim Plant. Can you imagine changing CEO jobs every year?

Tim’s assignments have taken him to the Crisis Center of Comal County, Alpha Home, San Antonio Public Library Foundation, Jewish Family Services, Spirit Reins, Healthy Futures of Texas and Rise Recovery, an amazingly diverse set of non-profits, missions and people. During his tenure in these roles, Tim became familiar with MLP as a solid source of new, passionate board members ready to assist him in furthering the many missions he was leading. “I found out many of my non-profit CEO peers had gone through the program and loved it.”

He was so impressed with the reviews he heard, Tim signed up for MLP himself. “I’ve never participated in a program that not only provides you access to the movers and shakers in our city, but develops and connects potential board members with such a variety of non-profits. No wonder there is such demand to apply and such a demand for their graduates.”

Now that Tim has retired from “CEO-hopping”, he continues to give back by serving as Secretary and Governance Committee Chair on the Rise Recovery Board and several board committees for Youth Code Jam. Once a servant, always a servant.