Masters Leadership Program Grad Leads African American Museum Effort

Did the Masters Leadership Program (MLP) have an impact on Deborah Omawale Jarmon, a proud graduate of Class XV in 2019?
Her involvement in the community speaks for itself. Not that she wasn’t a giver with a servant’s heart to begin with, but look at her community involvement now. “MLP opened doors and thoughts for me that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. To be able to gain access to a “back stage pass” to the inner workings of our City was invaluable.”

A key and vocal member of the San Antonio Airport Advisory Commission----an initiative resulting in the recently-issued $2.5B redesign and expansion, which will position our airport to be the energy behind future growth and the attraction for potential corporate residents. And with that comes more direct flights and a better quality of life for all of us.

Deborah has also been a transformative, long-term member of the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce Board of Directors focusing on the development and assistance of African American owned businesses, both large and small. This builds upon her experience with Delodi Consulting, a collaboration of professionals positioned to empower small and medium sized businesses to to construct plans that will enhance their bottom line.

And that brings us to her current pride and joy as the first Executive Director of the San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum, just a short walk from the Alamo on South Presa. A first for our City in its 300 hundred year history! “I want to make African American history an integral part of San Antonio’s history. What a blessing! I can do what I love.” And you can bet she is already delivering on that promise. Another win for San Antonio and another win for MLP. Developing and equipping leaders of our non-profits and their boards.