On the 13th and final day of our curriculum program, MLP introduces a diverse group of approximately 50 agencies in a “Speed Dating” format to class members. As the name implies, this is simply a basic introduction to assist in matching skills, talents, and interests to specific community needs and organizations.

All class members have an opportunity to use their expanded knowledge from previous class sessions to discover who might be good candidates for Board members with the organizations in attendance.

Selection of participating agencies varies from year-to-year and is based on expressed areas of interest from the current class and the needs of their boards over the next 3-9 months. A conscious effort is made to engage different “Speed Dating” participants from year to year.

There is no obligation on the part of the agency or the graduate to accept an offer - it must be a good match for both parties.

Speed Dating Process

Phase One 1
Selection and Qualification:

  1. MLP sends emails to current Agency Partners in early February requesting participation
  2. Interested agencies respond by the deadline given in the email request
  3. MLP follows up with an email to invite selected agencies to participate
  4. Three “Speed Dating” Information Sessions are offered in late February/early March. Participating agencies register online to attend any ONE required session.
    *IMPORTANT: BOTH chief executive AND a board representative are required to attend ONE Information Session.
  5. *IMPORTANT: BOTH chief executive AND (the same) board representative attending the Information Session are required to attend the “Speed Dating” event

Phase Two 2
Preparation and Execution:

  1. Prepare a 3-minute presentation to give to potential board candidates, along with a table display to set up at the event
  2. Pre-establish calendar dates for follow-up appointments with interested candidates
  3. Arrive at 7:30 AM on event day and enjoy a continental breakfast with current class participants
  4. Present your 3-minute pitch about your agency and visit with three rotating groups of students who have all indicated an interest in your mission area
  5. Stay for a 4th open session
  6. Depart by noon