Julian Trevino


Julian Trevino has trained school board members from across the country in the Don McAdams' Reform Governance Model for over four years. His personal experience as a public school board member and board president has given Julian first hand knowledge of the challenges facing school systems today in eliminating the achievement gap. Through real-world case studies and direct teaching modules, Julian engages participants with a friendly, interactive teaching style designed to demonstrate effective school board reform governance. Participants acquire valuable insights, and renewed confidence in their leadership abilities to continuously improve the educational circumstances for children.

Trevino has experience in the public and private sector. He has taught in the public schools. In addition, he has been a middle school principal, high school principal and associate superintendent. Julian teaches educational administration and leadership courses at the university level. Trevino's experience as a business entrepreneur (El Mirador Restaurant and The King William Garden House) and his involvement in many civic organizations are valuable assets.

During his tenure as President of the Board of Trustees of the San Antonio Independent School District, the board was recognized as an “Honor Board” by the Texas Association of School Boards. The Council of Urban Boards of Education also selected the Board as a finalist for “Board of the Year”. The San Antonio Independent School District was recently invited to compete for the Broad Prize in urban education.

Dr. Trevino has an exemplary academic background. He has a doctorate in educational administration and adult education, as well as post-doctorate participation in the executive education program at the Graduate School of Business, Harvard University.