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2013-2014 Milestones
Key Accomplishements

  • YOU celebrated our retiring founder, Jane Phipps at our 10th Anniversary Celebration on October 10, 2014 at the Pearl Stable. Special thanks to Linda Camp (Class VII) and BJ Mamuzic (Class VI) for planning such a wonderful event and to Dan Jacob (Class II) for his musical tributes at both this event and the MLPAA Annual Lunch.
  • YOUR Alumni Association co-sponsored the 2nd annual ‘Board Day’ with the San Antonio Area Foundation and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP San Antonio).
  • YOU created a vision statement, “Every graduate strengthening community through effective nonprofit board leadership.”
  • WE expanded agency exposure by adding an opportunity for the current class to view “speed dating” participants’ information in advance and then making that information available to ALL graduates on the website year-round.
  • YOU created a graduate-recommended curriculum for a Class X pilot class day on Board Skills Education and added it as a permanent class day for Class XI.
  • YOU served as expert presenters for the modules on board service at the Class X pilot program.
  • YOU reported for last fiscal year (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013):
    • Improving the governance of 343 nonprofit and civic organizations
    • Applying your skills in 490 board leadership positions
    • Contributing over 5,100 hours of leadership volunteerism EACH MONTH! (that’s almost $1.4 MILLION DOLLARS in volunteer time!*).
  • WE graduated Class X, another 47 MLPers, committed to making a board leadership difference in our community.
  • YOU sponsored 73 excellent candidates for Class XI.
  • YOU had face-to-face conversations with each of the 73 applicants for Class XI as a part of the selection process. Special thanks to Jeff Galt (Class III) for organizing this fabulous effort!
  • YOU said a huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to retiring David Patrick, MLP Program Director (Class II) and ‘Welcome’ to his successor, Chuck Rose (Class VII).
  • YOU wished Karen Day, Program Manager, a ‘Fond Farewell’ and a ‘Glad to welcome you aboard’ to Denise Sample, our new Support Administrator.
  • WE welcomed Renee Flores as Chair of the MLP Board, succeeding Kenny Wilson.
  • WE welcomed nine new board members to the MLP board in April:
    • Cathy Obriotti Green, History & Government Day, succeeding Norma Rodriguez
    • Phil Hardberger, History & Government Day, succeeding Norma Rodriguez
    • Adena Williams Loston (Class V), Education Day, succeeding Bruce Leslie
    • John Hornbeak (Class X), Bioscience & Health Care Day, succeeding Tom Mayes (Class I)
    • Gabi Niederauer, Technology Day, succeeding Stephanie Chandler
    • Linda Hardberger, Arts & Communication Day, succeeding Bill Chiego (Class III)
    • Donna Tuttle, Arts & Communication Day, succeeding Bill Moll (Class III)
    • BJ Mamuzic (Class VI), Board Skills Education Day, (new position)
    • Ed Barron (Class IX), Chair of MLPAA, succeeding Lang Glotfelty (Class VI)
  • YOU (well, at least SIXTY of YOU!) are following us on our new LinkedIn company page created by Joel Williams at SA Area Foundation, a great friend of MLP. Thanks, Joel! (If you haven't already, you can join us right here on the website. Hint, hint.)
  • YOU supported MLP financially with almost $15,000 through the Big Give SA, designated gifts to the United Way campaign, and add-on donations when you renewed your MLPAA membership. Thanks!
  • YOU joined the MLP Alumni Association in record numbers and enjoyed some incredible programs with even more wonderful surprises to come this year!
  • BUT THE MOST INCREDIBLE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE YEAR was the impact your nonprofit and civic organization board service had on improving the lives of so many in San Antonio and Bexar County!

YOU are MLP!

*Per Independent Sector: Value of volunteer time (Texas) = $22.57/per hour.


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