Masters Leadership Program
of Greater San Antonio

Board Preparation

Our class day is led by acknowledged and experienced experts on this important topic. It is a highly-rated class and many point to this particular experience as their source of confidence in their board roles. This class also ensures we fulfill our obligation to our Agency Partners that we are delivering prepared graduates for their consideration as board members.

Among the topics included in this class are:

  • Best Practices – understanding the relationship between nonprofit boards and staff members
  • Understanding Agency Financial and Metric Reporting
  • Fiduciary and Legal Responsibilities
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Defining Effective Board Leadership
  • Succession Planning for Board and Executive Staff
  • Crisis Management and Communication

Even though many of our participants have had either nonprofit or for-profit board experience, our curriculum assumes everyone can benefit with strong guidance and learning on the topic of “Effective Nonprofit Board Leadership”. We spend an entire day on this topic to ensure you are fully equipped and confident in understanding your role as a potential board member.