Masters Leadership Program
of Greater San Antonio

Class XIII Graduates

The current MLP Class XIII graduates are made up of a variety of men and women with expertise in a myriad of industries. Differences aside, they all have two important commonalities. One, they’re highly accomplished and two, they’re looking for a way to give back.

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  • Robert Akam (Bob)

  • James Amerson

  • Robert Brock (Bob)

  • Maureen Concklin

  • Donald Crews (Don)

  • Sharon Crockett-Ray

  • Susan Crumrine

  • Meredith Dean Olsen

  • Judith Feldmeier (Judy)

  • Cedric Fisher

  • Roberta Floyd (Robbye)

  • William Glenn (Bill)

  • Rebecca Holmes (Becki)

  • Nancy Hunt

  • Tate Johnson

  • Bonny Johnston

  • Sharon Jones Schweitzer

  • Don Kirkpatrick

  • Paul Klein (PK)

  • Julie Koppenheffer

  • Marsha Krassner

  • Chris Laia

  • Bernadette McKay

  • Linda McMillion

  • James Meehan (Jim)

  • Richard Middleton

  • Regina Monroe

  • Susan Mustacchio