Masters Leadership Program
of Greater San Antonio

Candidacy Application Process


Please read this page thoroughly before starting your online application.


  • Proven leaders who are retired, semi-retired or nearing retirement. The age of our typical student is 50+.
  • Persons mature in their career, with control of their schedule, who will attend all class days in full and commit to volunteer board service following graduation.
  • Long-time residents who want to become more involved and need an avenue for engagement.
  • New residents to Greater San Antonio who want to learn more about the area and its community service opportunities.
  • Those currently involved in the community who wish to recommit to volunteerism.


  • Class Attendance :  Commit to attend all 13 class days in full.
  • Post Graduation Commitment : Serve on a nonprofit board or civic commission.
Please Note: Regardless of the strength of the candidate, not all applicants will be selected due to a large number of applications for a limited number of available positions.

2017-2018 Class Schedule


  • Program Fees : Once accepted into the Masters Leadership Program, there is a $1,500 tuition fee.
  • Program Scholarships : Limited scholarships are available for those who would like to apply. Please contact the MLP Executive Director for more information.

Application Process

  1. Secure a Nomination

    • Nominator : Those looking to apply for the Masters Leadership Program must first secure a nomination from a previous program graduate, current student, MLP Emeritus Board or MLP Board member.
    • Networking : In order to secure a nomination for candidacy, we recommend networking with graduates and expressing the reasons and qualifications for seeking candidacy in the program. All of our graduates were at one time seeking a nomination themselves, so this is an expected request.
  2. Submit an Application

    • Online Application : The second step in joining the Masters Leadership Program is to submit an application. Preview application HERE. We will be accepting Class XIV applications from January 10, 2017 thru April 30, 2017.
    • Competitive Process : Applicants will be required to fill out basic biographical information as well as summarizing career highlights and past and current community involvement. Once submitted, this application gives our selection committee a snapshot of the candidate.
  3. Candidates will be invited to an In-Person Conversation

    • Meet A Graduate : The final step in the application process is an in-person conversation with a member of the selection committee. The committee requires a face-to-face meeting in order to have an in-depth understanding of the candidate’s goals, expectations and objectives for joining the Masters Leadership Program and to answer any questions the candidate might have.
    • Candidate Selection : After all conversations are completed, the committee makes the final determination on candidate acceptance and notification will be made no later than the first week of June.