Masters Leadership Program
of Greater San Antonio

Partnering With MLP

Would your 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency or civic commission board benefit from the involvement and experience of a trained Masters Leadership Program graduate? Submit your enrollment form for consideration.

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Once your agency enrollment form is approved you will receive access to your MLP Partner Agency online account.

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Immediate Benefits Include:

Annual "Speed Dating" Priority: Enrolled partner agencies are given first priority for the annual (April) face-to-face opportunity with the current class of MLP students. "Speed Dating” selection is based on the service areas of interest expressed by the current students and the need for MLP board members.

Year Round Online “Speed Dating” Capability: View a populated list of candidates that matches your agency’s needs with MLP graduates’ interests and skill sets.

Live Posting of Open Board Service Positions: Find long-term governing or advisory board candidates or short-term board committee candidates from our MLP graduate base.