Masters Leadership Program
of Greater San Antonio


“The Masters Leadership Program is a team, reflecting civic duty and responsibilities. I view every citizen of San Antonio as one of my City Hall teammates - City Council members, city staff, and other governmental entities. The work MLP does with regard to our nonprofit community adds an unparalleled level of commitment to civic leadership, and I encourage our city’s leaders to take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

Ivy Taylor, San Antonio Mayor

MLP Guest Speaker

“​The Masters Leadership Program helps our city do the right things to keep San Antonio growing and progressing, particularly in terms of job creation and economic development. The very best of our already-accomplished leaders are graduates of MLP, who gained in-depth knowledge of all aspects of our community and are ultimately lending their expertise to our vibrant nonprofit organizations. ”

Henry Cisneros, Former San Antonio Mayor

MLP & MLPAA Guest Speaker

“The Masters Leadership Program helps provide San Antonio’s nonprofit organizations with the volunteer board firepower they need to succeed. Every day, talented graduates of MLP make a difference by providing their expertise, contacts and corporate experiences. ”

Phil Hardberger, Former San Antonio Mayor

MLP Emeritus Board Member

“The Masters Leadership Program supports one of my basic leadership philosophies: it’s important to step outside your comfort zone once in a while.  MLP graduates who have had great careers are now helping San Antonio’s nonprofit organizations through effective board participation.”

Ed Whitacre, former Chairman and CEO of both General Motors and AT&T

MLP Alumni Association Guest Speaker

“Masters Leadership Program graduates contribute significant levels of leadership, resources and time to nonprofits across San Antonio and Bexar County. Addressing important social issues including hunger, homelessness, child and elder care; local charitable organizations benefit from the experience of MLP alumni who serve as directors, advisors and contributors. The Masters Leadership Program, now in its eleventh year, is invaluable to the citizens of San Antonio who are all working together to make a difference. ”

Charlie Amato, Chairman
and Co-founder, SWBC

2014-15 Chairman of the Board, United Way

“A primary goal of MLP is to enhance the quality of life for all San Antonians. Public safety is more than 'just locking people up'… and we are grateful to MLP class members and alumni who serve this community by leading organizations which support public safety through social services, assisting law enforcement and crime prevention.”

Susan Pamerleau, Bexar County Sheriff

MLP Board Member and MLP Graduate Class VIII (2012)

“As a Board Member Emeritus of the Masters Leadership Program, I know the value this program brings to our entire San Antonio community, both for the class members and the organizations they serve. Giving back is one of the hallmarks of MLP, and I’m a proud, ongoing supporter because I see first-hand the wonderful results achieved by our graduates. ”

Norma Rodriguez, Emeritus City Clerk, City of San Antonio

MLP Emeritus Board Member

“Nonprofit organizations need people who care and understand what it takes to operate an organization serving our community. Members who have graduated from the Masters Leadership Program have a desire to serve and make a difference where they live. Everyone benefits from this well-rounded, experienced group of leaders—I can say emphatically that SAMMinistries and those we serve have truly reaped rewards from our Board members that are graduates of the MLP Program! ”

Navarra Williams, President/CEO


“The MLP has been instrumental in the Lighthouse developing one of the strongest and most committed boards in our City – culminating in it being recognized as the ‘2013 United Way Board of the Year’ even though we aren't yet a United Way agency – the first time this has ever happened!! We started with a nucleus of two MLP graduates who were well-connected in the community, and they were able to help us attract five more over the next three years. If you can¹t construct a great board with that kind of foundational talent, you need to look at yourself. ”

Mike Gilliam, President/CEO

San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind

“I find that our board members that are graduates of the Masters Leadership Program, come best prepared to be able to engage and execute on their governance and development responsibilities. Their impact is felt immediately because of their broad understanding of the current trends, community issues, and board member responsibilities.”

Eric Cooper, President and CEO

The San Antonio Food Bank

“The MLP has been instrumental in connecting me with nonprofit organizations I want to serve and support. I’ve always had an abiding interest in education and the impact it can have on lives. As a result of the MLP, I joined both Avance-San Antonio and Project Quest. The former focuses on educating children and their parents, and the latter assists adults in furthering their educations to obtain good-paying careers. Both of these organizations provide value to San Antonio. I have the MLP to thank for providing me with these fulfilling opportunities. ”

Thomas O’Brien, Chairman, Avance San Antonio

MLP Graduate Class I (2005)

“The MLP Alumni Association allows MLP graduates to continue to learn about community issues, while promoting networking and fellowship among members. Our members become strong advocates for MLP by promoting public awareness of the organization’s purpose at the same time leveraging their resources to positively impact the nonprofit community. ”

Ed Barron, 2014-15 Chair, MLP Alumni Association

MLP Graduate Class IX (2013)

“Opportunities await graduates of the Masters Leadership Program. The value to San Antonio of having proven leaders who have been thoroughly educated about its needs is immeasurable. Upon completion of Class V, my passion and desire to help those less fortunate found an outlet. I joined the Boards of Directors of three nonprofit agencies, ultimately serving one as President. As a graduate of MLP and a member of its Alumni Association, whenever I want to consult with an expert in any field, I know who to call. It's an honor and privilege to be part of this exceptional organization. ”

Ann Parker

MLP Graduate Class V (2009)