Masters Leadership Program
of Greater San Antonio

Why become an MLP Agency Partner?

The Masters Leadership Program (MLP) is your partner in building effective stewardship of your mission in a caring community. As a partner, we can serve as a uniquely qualified source for board of director and commission director candidates. Our objective is to be one of your reliable sources for strong leadership, proper governance, and credible fiduciary oversight. We only serve nonprofit agencies and civic commissions.

Thoughtful agencies are consistently challenged in building capable, diverse and influential boards. Often, their pool of candidates narrows, lacks needed capabilities and becomes exhausted.

Since 2004, MLP has refined an effective process for identifying, screening and preparing accomplished, capable, and passionate leaders to serve our community as potential board members. Through a variety of effective processes, these candidates are made available to Agency Partners - and there is no cost!

These senior and diverse leaders – 600+ graduates and 50 current students – come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. We prepare these accomplished and capable mature leaders with a rigorous curriculum that increases their community awareness, empathy, confidence, optimism, focus and inspiration to “give back”.  Not so incidentally, we spend an entire day on building effective and best practice board skills.

MLP has already built a strong reputation with over 100 Agency Partners in the Greater San Antonio Area. Join our ranks today and begin to enjoy the great privileges built exclusively to serve your needs. Together, we can build a better San Antonio.